• Africa Healthcare Manufacturers and Distributors Summit 2020

AHMDS 2020

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Africa Healthcare Manufacturers and Distributors Summit 2020

Africa being one of the largest medical devices’ markets in the MEA region gives distributor executives and their manufacturer partners a crucial opportunity to help understand the key issues that affect their business and customers. This initiative is focused on uniting the African Healthcare sector under one roof in such a way that key topics on investment, business development, challenges faced by the healthcare sector and solutions, policies affecting healthcare, healthcare strengthening and innovation through the use of various technologies and strategies to ensure patients wellness are discussed in details. Medical equipment manufacturers and solution providers will also have an opportunity to understand the evolving regulatory framework. The sole aim of this is to improve the African healthcare sector to an international standard. This event includes interactive discussion with policy experts on the 2020 political forecast, payer innovations and trends, provider reimbursement, and regulatory policy trends.

AHMDS-2020 is a specialty forum with an exclusive focus on the medical devices supply chain, that would foster the collaboration of Healthcare Manufacturers present globally and the distributors present in Africa. The main concept behind building the manufacturer-distributor relationship is to increase the healthcare distribution market in Africa by bringing in healthcare advancement in Africa.

This business summit is a private initiative and hosts the presence of Regulatory and Authority Bodies of Southern Africa to overcome ethical or legal issues and to encourage convergence in standards and practices related to safety, performance and quality of medical devices and equipments.

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